April 8, 2007

Let's talk about subcontracting...or actually...Let's talk about Teams

Some of the Rev members have been talking about subcontracting. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition describes subcontract as "A contract that assigns some of the obligations of a prior contract to another party."

In subcontracting something out, you are essentially building a team. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition describes team as "A group organized to work together."

In building your team, what are some things that you need to think about?

You first need to figure out what the outcome of your team is going to be. In building a team of VAs, undoubtedly, the desired outcome is to fulfill client projects successfully and in the timeframe the client requests. How do you make sure that your team is going to meet that required outcome? You need to select your team by reading what they post in various forums, on their web site, by emailing them and reading their responses, by reading ("listening") to what they say via IM's, etc. to make sure they have the knowledge you're looking for in a team member. You have to feel comfortable that the team you choose is willing to commit and has the knowledge needed for the projects your client has.

Make sure to always communicate. It doesn't matter whether it be something trivial or not. Make sure you communicate as a team. If you receive an email from the client and they're making suggestions for the project, make sure that the other members of your team receive the same email or that you communicate to your team what the client is looking for. You can then get together and discuss. It will make the project run more smoothly if all parties concerned are aware of what's going on so that the project can be finished properly. Just remember to include your whole team involved in the project.

Encourage participation among team members. If the client is looking for something, let your team know about it. Putting your minds together, you can come up with the perfect solution most of the time.

Building a team can be very satisfying and rewarding to all concerned. Can you imagine having the perfect team of VAs and what it could mean to your businesses?

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Laurie Dart said...

When we started our virtual assistant businesses, few of us probably even considered working as part of a team. After all, we started our own business so we could be our own boss. But teams seem to exist everywhere - even online. Patty your post is excellent especially the importance of communication in the whole process - it's the key to success in my humble opinion. Great post, thanks for sharing.