April 18, 2007

Do you get butterflies when you go to networking events?

You're driving down the road. You've been talking to yourself all the way. You've been telling yourself you can do this. You keep running your "elevator speech" through your head. You keep saying "I can talk to these people. I can explain my business if they ask me what I do. I can walk up to people and introduce myself."

Then, you get to your destination. You're pumped and ready to go! You walk in the room and there's 50 other people there. You either freeze and wait to see if someone comes up to you, look around to see if you know someone so you're a little more comfortable, or you give up and leave. Why?

Don't you chit-chat with people when you're waiting in line at the grocery store? Do you "pipe in" a conversation at a store if you know you have the answer to what someone is asking? Why, then, can't we talk to 50 other people about our business? Is it because it's 50 people we don't know or because we're just not sure what we should say?

Put a smile on your face and feel confident. You are good at what you do and your business is worthwhile. Be excited about that! Don't be afraid. If you show your afraid or have a problem explaining what your Virtual Assistant business is about, it will show. Clients aren't going to come knocking on your door or calling you if you show you're afraid and can't explain your business to them. They want to give their business to people that are confident so feel confident.

When they ask you about your business, explain to them what you can do....PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, Websites, SEO, newsletters, article submissions, press release submissions, article and/or press release writing, logo's, cold-calling, etc. Whatever it is, tell them. Hold your head up high when you tell them too. Don't mumble.

Just remember that it's up to you. If you think positive and show them you can assist their business, they will call. They will beat down your door to be your next client. They will, in turn, recommend you to others. If you fumble with your words or freeze at the door, how are they going to know you and your business? How are you going to gain those clients?

It's your decision. It's your destiny. It's your choice as to which fork in the road you're going to take.